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B.A.R.S. Episode 7

WATCH OR DOWNLOAD AUDIO Of our Tuesday Aug 25th Episode of B.A.R.S. Hosted by Koncept714 and Topdime Directed by Drakk Tuesdays at 9pm Live every two weeks only on www.bsidechannel.com B.A.R.S The BSide Album Review Show where our hosts review three albums based on three categories on a 1 - 5 scale; Lyrics, Production and Presentation. All scores are combined and become an official BAR rating. 1-6 = 1 BAR 7-9 = 1.5 BARS 10-12 = 2 BARS 13-15 = 2.5 BARS 16-18 = 3 BARS 19-21 = 3.5 BARS 22-24 = 4 BARS 25-27 = 4.5 BARS 28-30 =......

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B.A.R.S : Episode 5

Hosted by Koncept714 & TopDime www.bsidechannel.com B.A.R.S. The BSide Album Review Show This weeks albums reviewed: 1. ILLICIT DIALECT: VIOLENCE, POVERTY & DISEIZE84 2. AM ONER: GTFOHWTBS 3. JEDI MIND TRICKS: THE THIEF AND THE FALLEN CLICK HERE TO WATCH SHOW CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AUDIO OF SHOW #itsnolongersafe...

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B.A.R.S ~ Episode 1 ~ APRIL 14TH, 2015

WATCH OR DOWNLOAD AUDIO OF The Tuesday April 14, 2015 Episode of B.A.R.S.   This weeks Album Reviews: 1. Reverie & Louden: Russian Roulette 2. Disciples of the Sick: Self Titled 3. Myk & Tony Show: Sick Cinema Hosted by: KONCEPT714 and TOP DIME   Directed by DRAKK   Our first episode started off great and encountered technical issues. (as expected from proud independent production) and so the final album review was lost. Tune in next week for a brief recap of the Mic and Tony Show: Sick Cinema WATCH LISTEN FOLLOW on INSTAGRAM KONCEPT714 TOP DIME BSIDE CHANNEL...

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