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diseize 84

THE RELEVANCE ~ Diseize 84 ~ Letras ~ Jizzm High Definition ~ Soul King ~ 8/9/18

VIDEO THE RELEVANCE 8-9-18 Episode 72 With guests: DISEIZE 84 ~ LETRAS ~ JIZZM HIGH DEFINITION ~ SOUL KING Hosted by: KRAZY RACE, MVP & RABBIT Live Mixes by DJ SURVIVE   Produced by: Krazy Race & Shaye Whitey Executive Produced by: Drakk...

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Ekuipt Album Release Event: Sept 11th 2015

If you couldnt make it Check out our Friday September 11th Event: Realizm Rekords presents: Ekuipt One Album Release Hosted by KRAZY RACE and RABBIT with DJ ResyOne on the 1s and 2s Directed by Drakk and Shaye Whitey     To Host your own event at The BSide Shop hit up our contact form...continue reading...

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