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sicko soldado

THE RELEVANCE ~ Sicko Soldado ~ P.O.K.A 1 ~ Chave of Breezewood La Connecta ~ 9/21/17

VIDEO Video AdvertisingEnterprise Communications THE RELEVANCE 9-21-17 Episode 61 With guests: SICKO SOLDADO ~ P.O.K.A. 1 ~ CHAVE of BREEZEWOOD LA CONNECTA Hosted by: KRAZY RACE & RABBIT Live Mixes by DJ SURVIVE   Produced by: Shaye Whitey Executive Produced by: Drakk...

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BSIDESHOW: Tray Deee , Sick Jacken, Concrete Saints and Sicko Soldado ~ 9/12/16

VIDEO AUDIO BSIDESHOW 9-12-16 Episode 307 With guests: BIG TRAY DEEE ~ SICK JACKEN ~ SICKO SOLDADO ~ CONCRETE SAINTS Hosted by: RABBIT and CRYSTLE LIGHTNING Live Mixes by inDJnous   Produced by: Shaye Whitey Co Produced by: Ivania Rodriguez Photography by: Duke Dgglr and Steady Mobbin Photography Executive Produced by: Drakk...

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